Brilhulp: Impact-resistant glasses

The “Anti-tilt glasses” are eyeglasses designed by Charles Degeyter, Charlotte Deman and Guillaume Segaert to recover after an impact displaced the frame. These glasses were designed for a person with a physical disablity. Due to involuntary movements, he regularely skewed/displaced his glasses which required a caretaker to position correctly again. Although this person was our main focus group, the entire design process also revolved around making a product that could be easily reproduced by anyone.

Due to a flexible connection system, the glasses automatically reposition themselves after they are twisted out of position. These glasses are easy to reproduce, easily adapted and can be made with easily accessible tools and materials. This process is described in the instructable.

These glasses can be used for anyone that suffers from tilted glasses that they can’t easily reposition, whether in a wheelchair or not.

During the Design with a Heart contest, organised by Handicap International, we won the main price of the event.

Handicap International