Hello! My name is Guillaume Segaert, an Industrial Designer from Belgium. Even though sketching and designing are my greatest passions, I started my higher studies achieving a bachelors degree in industrial chemistry. These subjects might seem very different, but they both provided me with the same kind of satisfaction; learning how things work and how they might in the future.

After achieving my science bachelor, I felt like I needed to more actively pursue my hobby as an artist/designer and DIY’er. This led to me initiating my studies as an industrial designer, succesfully combining my love for science and art to build a more complete designer skillset.

During my job, I would like to be involved in both the R&D process aswell as the concept design process, although concept design is where I find my deepest satisfaction.

Even though the following subjects lie outside of the range of education I have enjoyed, I would love to work in more creative fields such as concept art, practical effects and sculpting. Games and movies have always spoken to me as a creative, often making props and mechanical pieces. Since I’ve acquired a 3D printer, this hobby has only increased in detail.

For now, the content of my job outweighs the location of it.